Hvar – Luxury and Lifestyle in Croatia


The island of Hvar is more and more called to be the “St. Tropez” of croatia. Luxury, Lifestyle and celebrities are coming here together. Most people are arriving with a lot of cash but leaving the island as poor as a church mouse. So, if it is like that, is it actually worth visiting Hvar? And what do you have to consider once you arrived there?

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Split – The Heart of Dalmatia


Every kind of holidaymaker will find something in Dalmatia´s capital Split. Those who are looking for beaches will find wonderful areas to go for a swim, vacationers who are looking for a cultural adventure will find remnants of the past, Partymaker will be satisfied with the vivid night life of the city and more active holidaymakers can discover the beautiful mountains and rivers Split is surrounded by. So Split can really be seen as the heart of Dalmatia… Continue reading “Split – The Heart of Dalmatia”

The Canal of Saint Anthony in Sibenik – A Promenade to Fall in Love with

Kanal des heiligen Anton Sibenik Promenade

Most of the cities in croatia have a view on the distant horizont, whereas Sibenik offers a beautiful canal which guides sailers to the main port of the city. Along the canal of Saint Anthony strollers can enjoy the 3 kilometer long promenade and its charming surrounding. Why you shouldn´t miss this way?

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The Hidden Fortress of Saint Nicholas

sveti nikola burg sibenik

The hidden fortress of Saint Nicholas is situated at the entrance to the canal of Saint Anthony which guides sailers to the main port of Sibenik. Due to the fact that the building still looks like it was left centuries ago it is kind of an adventure visiting the fortress. Hardly anyone knows that it is existing and even less people come there to enjoy its beauty. What makes it so spezial and why it´s worth visiting the fortress of Saint Nichloas?

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