City Trip along the Coast

You wanna see as much as possible from croatia but can´t decide where to start? You want to discover the cities, experience the culture and discover the most beautiful beaches? Enjoying some party time and relax in the sun? In this case you are planning a lot, but nothing impossible! Follow my “City Trip along the coast” and you are going to have an amazing time!

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So Let´s Start!


Day 1-3: Zadar

Let´s start in Zadar, the city with the most beautiful sunset in the word (Alfred Hitchcock said that once he was staying in Zadar)! Here you can discover the world wide known sea orgel, beautiful beaches, old ruins in the midlle of the old town and go in some really nice clubs and bars. I can recommand “Ledena” Club (for younger people), “Svarog” Club and “Yachting” Bar. For having a nice dring during the day you should visit the bar “Bamboo” or “Hitch” and enjoy the amazing view!  It isn´t hard to find what ever you need in Zadar! If you wanna read more about check out my blog report about the city. Zadar is the perfect place to start a city trip along the coast!

Day 3-4: Primosten

Small but beautiful! You shouldn´t miss to visit the city Primosten! This little place offers you many beaches and a view along the horizont (since croatia has a lot of islands, that´s something special!) Jump from one of the big rocks along the old town, enjoy a glass of wine and relax while having some time for yourself. Even though the city isn´t very big, you can do much more! Check out my travel blog report about Primosten to read more about it.

Day 4-6: Split

The main city of Dalmatia, or better know as the heart of Dalmatia is definately the “Must go” place once you are at the coast of croatia! Exploring the ancient buildings (especially the diocletian palace) and walking into the sea at bacvice beach will bring you long lasting and beautiful memories. Since it is one of the biggest cities in croatia, you will find everything you need for an amazing time. Read more about Split and what you have to do there!

Day 6-8: Makarska

Makarska is a truely charming place to be. Enjoy your evening while having a typically croatian food and start you next day watching the sunrise from up the hill on top of the face rock next to the city. The view will take you breath away!

(BTW: Be careful, you have to cross the boarder to enter Dubrovnik)

Day 8-10: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, or better known as King´s Landing since the series “Game of Thrones” became probably croatias most famous city whithin the last years. Even though it is very crowded during summer, you should stop here to take a look at its stunning old town. Surrounded by a huge wall (which you have to circle on top of it) the little streets and buildings inside are as impressive as it looks like on the pictures! Little Insider Tipp: have a drink in the very hidden Buza Bar and watch the people jumping from the cliffs. If you dare join them and refresh yourself with an adventurous jump =) Check out Dubrovnik and what you can do there. If you are a Game of Thrones Fan, you can as well find the movie spots here.

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