The Best Travel Products

The Rules

travel reiseprodukte

The travel products should not be too big, so they fit into the bag

The travel products should not be too heavy, you don´t wanna have special luggage

The travel products should not be too expensive, you don´t want to go broke before vacation

My list of the best travel products


Round bathing towel

Strandtuch rundIt´s THE new summer trend! Towers are not anymore squared, but round! This one you can additionally wear as a skirt =) I bought it some month ago, so I can highly recommend it! You can get it here: round bathing towel.

Foldable bottle

faltbare flascheThe perfect bottle to carry around with you! During the hot summer time you can always refill it. It´s furthermore the perfect accessoir when you are hiking =) You can get it here: foldable bottle.

Bathing shoes

BadeschuheIf you have sensible feet, you should definately buy these shoes before travelling to croatia (you will rarely find sandy beaches). You can get it here: bathing shoes.


LautsprecherMusic, music, music! These waterproof loudspeakers are just perfect! You can take them with you when you are going into the sea without worrying =) drifting around on a air mattress, enjoying the sun and listing to music… you can get it here: loudspeakers.

Air Mattress

Donut SchwimmringFor the perfect pictures in the sea you should buy this air mattress. It´s a beautiful and funny sumemr accessoir =) You can get it here: swimming donut.


LayBagChililng whereever you want in a comfortable way. It is probably one of the best inventions of the summer! You can get the cheap version here: LayBag.

You can get the quality version here: LayBag.



tansafeStop being afraid that somebody is stealing your stuff while you´re going into the sea. The most inconspicuous appearance for a safe is the tansafe! You can get it here: TanSafe.

Temporary Tattoos

temporäre TattoosThe cheapest and in same time best way to decorate your body is when you take the temporary tattoos! It will sex up every outfit! You can get it here: temporary tattoos.

Solar charger

solar ladegerätYou want to take pictures, but your battery is empty? Won´t happen if you get the solar charger. Simply put it into the sun while taking a sunbath or hang it on your bag while hiking. You can get it here: solar charger.

inflatable beer cooler

aufblasbarer BierkühlerRelaxing on the beach, having a cold beer. With the inflabable beer cooler you can have a comfortable way to transport the cooler. Additionally it just looks cool! You can get it here: inflatable beer cooler.

Beach Mat from Wicked Wedge

strandmatteReading on the beach was never so simple. With the Bach mat from wicked wedge you can inflate the backrest whenever you need it! You can get it here: beach mat.

The SwiMP3

swimp3For all swimmers out there! The SWIMP3 is your accessoir for next summer! With it you can listen to music while doing your laps. You can get it here: SWIMP3.