The Best Drinking Games

Where should we go, was should we do, what should we drink? These are the common questions everybody has to answer when thinking about the plans for the evening. But who has the solution?


For those who don´t want to spend a lot of money by predrinking in some bar and in same time experiencing the croatian culture they should go the beach and play some drinking games. But which ones are the best?

First thing to know about croatian alcohol: if you´re a beer drinker you should buy Karlovacko or Ozuljzko, if you are a wine fan, you should go for Malvazija or Grasevina and if these options are too soft for you take some Rakija or Slivovic.

Ready to go? Great! Let´t start with my list of best drinking games to experience an unforgettable evening!

The Best Drinking Games

# Flunkyball

Playing this game nobody will be sober at the end. It is about motoric skill combined with your capability of drinking. Talking about it in a matter of sport-drinking, Flunkyball would be one of the top disciplines!

The Rules: (6+ Players) You are choosing two teams which have to stand in front of each other in a line. In the middle of these teams you have to place an empty bottle (plastic) in same distance to each of the groups. Before the game starts everybody should now get something to drink (usually you are drinking beer). A person from the first team now has to try to hit the bottle in the middle (if you are on the beach, you can use a stone). You didn´t hit it? Too bad. Now a member from the second team can try to hit the bottle. You hit it? Great! Your whole team is now allowed to drink from your glasses as long as the first team needs to put the bottle in the middle back to its place where it was before. It´s the first team´s turn again… the game is finished when everybody is drunk =)

# Child or drunk?

The question which your group have to answer is: Have I been a child or drunk? If you think that your childhood stories couldn´t possibly be as well drunk stories, than you should try this game!

The Rules: (2+ Players) Think about any fun story from your childhood or when you´ve been drunk. Found one? Great! Now tell your story without mentioning any indication of your age. For example: Once I jumped with my bike and hurt myself, have I been a child or drunk? Everybody has to guess now. Those who were wrong have to drink!

# two lies and one truth

Your parents probably teached you not to lie.. well in this game you should forget this rule! Are you curious?

The Rules: (2+ Players) Think about a crazy story your friends don´t know about you. Now think about two more stories which never happend. For example: Once I was completely drunk when I had an interview. Once I kissed somebody during the day without knowing him. Once I booked a flight and forgot about it. Which one do you think is true (one is really true)? Now the group has to think about it and choose a story. In the next step you have to unmask one the lies: everybody who chose it have to drink and chose a new one. Now unmask the last lie. Again, everybody who chose it have to drink =)

# I never ever had..

Starting this game it usually doesn´t take loog untill it turns into stories about sex, drugs and crimes. For those who feel uncomfortable with these kind of topics should skip this game. If not.. here you go!

The Rules: (2+ Players) Sitting in a group you have to think about what you wanna know about your friends. You have something in mind? Now you have to put it in a sentence by saying “I never ever had…”. For example: “I never ever stole something”. BUT the sentence have to be true, otherwise you have to drink as well! Anyway everybody who DID STOLE something has to drink now. So the group always have to cheer if the sentence doesn´t refelct their lifes.

# spin the bottle for advanced

Uhhh you have to kiss each other! Probably everybody has these memories from the spin-the-bottle game when playing it in their childhood. But since we are all (kind of) grown up we wanna try now the advanced version.

The Rules: (4+ Players) First you have to make a circle and put an empty bottle in the middle of it. The youngest or oldest person starts spinning the bottle. When the bottle points at somebody you have to ask him truth or dare? The person can now decide either to answer a question or to do something. What question or what is going to be the activities is up to the person who spined the bottle. So far are no differences to the childhood version. Additionally to the question or the action the person will get now an extra long-term task. For example: He or She isn´t allowed to use the word F*** for the next 3 hours, otherwise she or he has to drink everytime using the word. These additional task can be really mean and are hard to remember as soon as they start to accumulate. Now the next person can spin the bottle and the game goes on…


Do you have more drinking games in mind? Feel free to share them!

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