A Little Advisor: Is Croatia the right place for you to be?

First of all you have to choose a destination when it comes to holiday planning. If croatia crosses your way the first time you might have the question: is croatia the right place for me to go? This little advisor will help you answering your question…

Croatia became more and more famous in the recent years. You might have spotted beautiful pictures of the country on instagram, facebook or some brochures. I want to show you now what you have to expect in real life. I want to guide you behind these beautiful pictures to take a look if croatia will be your perfect holiday place.

The little advisor

the beaches

Beaches are probably one of the most important key decision makers when it comes to summer holiday planning. Here you have to ask yourself what it important for YOU? If you are dreaming about long sandy beaches you´ll be probably wrong in croatia. In this country you´ll find much more natural stone beaches with rocky cliffs and people who are doing impressive jumps from it. Furthermore you can expect exceptional clear water, making it possible to see fishes in a depth of 10 meters. Equally you will have to pleasure to step into urchins if you´re not careful =) If you have sensitive feet and body in general you should consider buying beach shoes as well as a beach mattress in advance.

Beach croatia


A question that often crosses my way is: is somebody going to steal my stuff while I´m swimming? Usually my answer is: “in all these year, nobody ever stole something from me”. In general you rarely hear from such incidents in croatia which is why I tend to say that the country is very safe. Nevertheless you should always have an eye on your stuff. Usually it is enough to ask you beach neighbour to look at your stuff while you are going for a swim. Better safe than sorry. =)

croatia boats

the people

From an economic perspective croatia is highly dependent on tourism. Many people earn their money due to touristic activities in the summer season. As you might expect croatian are pretty happy about holidaymakers and treat them nicely. Mostly their are looking forward welcoming tourists from around the world, inviting them to local parties and drinking homemade alcohol with them. I´m sure if you ask somebody who visited croatia already, they will be able to tell you such a story.

people croatia

The crowd

While you usually see almost empty beaches and cities on the pictures, I feel obliged to contradict. In summer you won´t find the usual 1.000 habitants in the small city, but 10.000 people strolling around the streets. It is nothing to say: it looked different on the pictures… at least it is a summer destination and of course you are not alone there. If you are aiming for a quiet vacation you should go on an island, I´m sure you´ll have a beautiful quiet time there. But for those who want to experience the coastline you should be aware that you are not alone there =) At least thats all well the reason for all the activities which are offered and all the festivals and parties which are going on. It is easy to connect with new people and to join different event. Once again I also want to point out that you shound avoid Dubrovnik in the months of July and august…

city croatia

The infrastructure and the public transport

Croatias infrastructure is in general pretty good, especially compared with the situation 10 years ago. You can either take the high way to overcome long distance ways or take the lovely roads along the coast while discovering small villages. If you want to go to Dubrovnik you have to consider the traffic jam caused by the shot border crossing. When it comes to the public transport you probably will figure out that croatia offers mostly busses. It doesn´t matter where you are, you can always be sure that a bus will cross you way driving the direction which you need. Additionally the tickets are very cheap =).

croatia street

Prices in Croatia

My last point are the prices in croatia. I want to assume that the most expensive part are the flights. Bus even they are going to be cheaper (especially to Zadar and Dubrovnik). In terms of accommodations be sure to find both, affordable as well as very expensive apartments and hotel rooms. I recommand to book something in advance. I told you in the beginning.. croatia is becoming more and more famous for holiday =). Foodstuff is rather cheaper than for example in germany. Especially seafood and regional fruits (water melon, grapes) are far cheaper. Once you are there you should buy olive oil =) Furthermore you will pay about 15 Kuna (around 2 Euro) for a coffee and maybe between 35-70 Kuna (5-10 Euro) for a cocktail depending where you are.

croatia market

I hope this little advisor made it a bit easier for you to make a decision. I am looking forward hearing your croatia stories =)


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