About me

“I should, I would, I could are used too often. Although it is so easy to pack the bags and just start going somewhere…”


I am very pleased that you are on my page! In order that you know a bit more about me I want to introduce myself and tell you who I am and why I decided to wirte a blog about croatia.

Not only travelling is a big hobby of mine, I furthermore devoted myself to it. Since ever I spent any money which I earned immediately on vacation. Therefore I decided to study Tourism Management (Bachelor) and afterwards International Studies of Leisure and Tourism (Master). In my life I strive for unique experiences which I would be glad to share with you!

But why croatia? The explanation is pretty easy: I am a half croatian girl, born in Germany. Every year I am coming back to my second home where the sun, the sea and the people hooked me totally. People keep asking me “how is croatia?”. Many have no or even wrong associations with the country.. therefore I decided to write a blog to bring you croatia a bit closer and show you its beauty! I hope you are enjoying it!