Which Croatian-Beach-Type Are You?

Ohh .. isn’t it amazing, watching all the differnt types of beach boys and girls when summer begins? But the question is: which one are you?

Since I´ve seen all these different kind of people I want to share my experiences with you. Here you´ll find a list of the Best of Croatian Beach Types. Do you find yourself?

The Beach Types


UV-ray? What’s that? Sunseekers don’t mind the heat. Even without sunscreener they seem to be resistent of rays for hours. You literally can watch them getting tanned! For these kind of people water is just a necessity to not get on fire. After refreshing in the sea for just a second they immediately return back into the horizontal position towards the sun.


They are just the opposite of the sunseekers. Every shaft of sunlight could be mortal. The suncreener level can’t be high enough for them. This type of beach type is often jammed together in groups , hiding under the very next tree besides the beach in the shadows. Faces so white you are wondering if they fell in a pot of joghourt. The movement towards the sea is just possible when the safe sunscreener layer is fixed. After the quick refeshing in the water, getting a new layer of suncreener has first priority.


You don’t know if they’re able to swim by themselfes, they didn’t try yet. Human air mattresses lie and chill on their swimming accessory and keep floating. Direction? Doesn’t matter as long as they are not returning back to land. Without the air mattress, the trip to the beach seems to be impossible. Being active in the water would be connected to sports, an absolutly no-go!


Amazing genuses these sunglasses-simmers! Every ray that leads to their eyes has to be filtered first through the glasses. There is no exception to be made. Sunglasses even have to be worn while jumping into the water. Mostly they are the slowest and most passionated swimmers. Speeding up would lead to waterdrops on their glasses irritating their view through their showpiece.


The sport of putting on make-up should never have a break, not even at the beach. Besides a bikini and a towel, the make up bag and a mirror should never be missing. But the problem is: waterproof make up isn´t staying where it was supposed to be… there is always work to get done. When that type of genus dares to dive you can instantly watch them worring about their make up and searching for feedback from their best friends. “Is it still ok? Do i look fine, do I?!“


Especially in croatia you can see them frequently. At stony beaches they try to escape the heat by reaching the sea. This intension seems to get a very painfull and complicated torture. Memes and gesture are escalating while passing the peaky stones. What an anoying walk of pain to the water. Could that be the survival of the fittest?! When they finally reached the water you can see their happyness.


Selfie-time! The camera is a permanent buddy. At least you must can´t neglect your instagram, facebook or snapchat account. For having a great choice afterwards it is necessary to take more that 100 selfies at the beach. Head leaning to the right ,belly tightend and decoletee not to small… the life of a selfie addictioned is really not easy.


Unsettled and fidgetly there is never to much to do for action freaks. Just after the first activity finished the next has to start. Just chilling at the beach is no option! In croatia #thepiciginplayers are part of them.

*Picigin is a game you play in flat water. It’s basicly very similar to handball and football rules. First rule is: it is not allowed to let the ball drop into the water. That´s the reason why people playing that game seem to become stuntmen. It´s big fun watching them, but even more fun playing it!


Mastering the game, these people hit the beach with their special wear. Laughing at #theeverystoneislikealegowalkers they are proud do be well prepared. Walking along the beach they are enjoying their painless lifes.

What do you think ? Who are you? Or could you add more types? Just let me know! 😀

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